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December 29, 2012

Here’s Something I Don’t Understand

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I ate a healthy breakfast of oatmeal before my Weight Watchers weigh-in this morning. I ate a banana on the way home. For lunch, I had sliced turkey breast with a slice of cheese on an Arnold Sandwich Thin. This was followed a few hours later by a small bag of Doritos, and then some macaroni & cheese for dinner. I just finished eating a huge pear.


Sorry for the caps, but I seriously don’t understand this. I feel like I could eat everything and anything in the house that isn’t nailed down or poisonous. It’s not physical hunger. If it was, I could at least claim that I had a tapeworm or some other monster inside me. This is like someone flipped the “it’s time to eat” switch on in my brain, and forgot to turn it off. This isn’t about “I’m hungry” at all. This is ALL about “I just want to keep shoving food into my pie hole”. In today’s meeting, we talked about the 3-Ds: Delay, Distract and Decide, which is what I’m trying to do right now by writing instead of reaching for the bag of cat treats. (Relax, I’m joking about the cat treats. Although, they are starting to look a little tasty…)

This is one of my problem areas. It’s not a physical hunger issue. That, I can handle. This “Food Monster Inside Me” thing is a whole different story. This is where and when I usually end up going way over my daily Points PLUS target, and/or not tracking at all. That’s my other D: DENIAL. If I don’t track it, I didn’t eat it, and  it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way that whether it exists or not, it still shows up on my body someplace. Tracking regularly is one of my resolutions. If I don’t want to write it down, I probably shouldn’t be eating it.  But, if I’m going to eat it, I need to be honest with myself and track it, no matter how off-plan it is.

2012-12-29 21.21.56Wish me luck.


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  1. Tracking is definitely a great way to get back on plan! It definitely keeps me away from some foods.

    Comment by spunkysuzi (@spunkysuzi) — December 29, 2012 @ 11:50 pm

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