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September 18, 2011

A Free Mobile Tool for Tracking

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Lately, I’ve been pretty horrible as far as tracking goes. I’m not quite sure why, but it just seems to be too much effort, even with WW mobile tools for Android and e-Tools.

I may have found part of the solution to my dilemma. has an excellent mobile app called Calorie Counter for Android, iPhone/iPod Touch and Blackberry. It has an extensive food database with nutritional values, and a bar code scanner. Granted, it doesn’t use the Weight Watchers Points Plus system, but… it does offer the option to customize and set your display columns. So, I’ve set mine to display fat, protein, fiber and total carbohydrates. That way, I can log my food throughout the day, and enter them into e-Tools at the end of the day to calculate the Points Plus values.

You can even export a copy of your daily report to either a .CSV or .PDF file, like this one:

I’ve been using it for the past four days so far, and have been doing a lot better with my tracking. I think it’s because it appeals on some level to the geek in me – especially the bar code scanner!


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