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July 9, 2009

Less Than 20 lbs to go…

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Until I reach my initial Weight Watchers goal weight of 171 lbs. As my friend Charmaine pointed out, it’s 19.2 lbs. She should know – she weighs me in every week!

Why 171 lbs? Because when I reach 171 lbs, I will have lost exactly 100 lbs since joining Weight Watchers in November 2007. Will I stop when I reach the 100 lb mark? Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I’ll see what happens when I get there… or close to there. I’m very happy where I am now, at 190.2 lbs – I feel great, I have lots more energy, I can move around a lot easier, clothes look good on me, and I can shop in “normal” size stores. I know the range considered healthy for my height (5′ 7″) is somewhere between 145-160, so I may push myself for the extra 10-15 lbs. Then, I’ll get to become a lifetime Weight Watchers members and not have to pay any more dues! If that’s not an incentive to meet my goal weight, I don’t know what is!

Having a regular support system of people who have been, or who are, where you are makes a big difference. Weight Watchers meetings do it for me. My fellow Wednesday Night Irregulars have kept me hanging in their when I’ve felt like giving up, and have kept me motivated and accountable.

While I still don’t like those weeks when I gain weight, I’ve now come to realize that it’s a regular, normal part of the weight loss journey. No one loses every week. In June, I gained two weeks in a row, for a total of 4.2 lbs – YUCK! But, this week, I lost 4.6 lbs. As long as my overall direction is downwards, I’m okay with it.


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