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February 16, 2009

Review: “I Can Make You Thin” – Paul McKenna

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I Can Make You Thin

I’ll admit, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure that I was going to like this book, or if it would “fit” with my current Weight Watchers efforts. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading it and found that it would work very well with what I’m doing. This is good, because I like Weight Watchers. (Okay, I love Weight Watchers.) I didn’t want to start all over with something new.

Fortunately, the information and techniques in I Can Make You Thin by Paul McKenna don’t require me to abandon all of the great stuff I’ve learned, or do anything drastically different. Instead, I see it as a way of enhancing what I’ve already accomplished, and as a companion to Weight Watchers.

The book is a a quick read with easy lifestyle changes, and the accompanying self-hypnosis CD features positive and helpful suggestions. You don’t have to give up any of your favorite foods in any part of the program. You can still eat when you want,  and what you like, but you do it consciously, and really taste  what you’re eating. It is simple and concise but touches on the important aspects – eating behavior, emotional eating, food cravings, body image, and exercise.

One thing that I thought was totally cool about the book was the incorporation of EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique. I’ve dabbled in this for a few years, and know that it works. (Making use of EFT a regular practice in my life has been my only problem, but I’m getting better at it.)

I like the fact that Paul McKenna addresses the different areas of food issues, such as my personal favorite, emotional eating. The “rules” are simple, sensible and are presented in a very down-to-earth manner. No preaching or lists of “good” or “bad” foods. Now that other stuff in my life has settled down a bit, I’m looking forward to re-reading the book, working with the guided hypnosis CD and putting some of the ideas into practice.

If you want help with controlling how you think about food, this is the perfect book. It helps you to become more mindful of how, when and why you eat. It has been helping me become more conscious of when I’m really hungry, when I’m satisfied, when I’m eating out of habit and/or boredom.


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  1. Look forward to hearing more about this!

    Comment by Natalia Burleson — February 16, 2009 @ 9:07 pm

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