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November 7, 2008

Less Than 10 Pounds Until I Hit a Major Milestone

Wow! Less than 10 pounds to go before I hit a very major milestone – the under 200 lbs mark, or, as some people refer to it, “Onederland”! (For those who don’t know, Onederland is any weight that starts with a “1” in front of it, as opposed to a “2”, “3”, “4”, etc.) This is a pretty major milestone for me, since I haven’t seen anything under 200 lbs since before my sister got married, and that was almost 14 years ago! The last time I remember being under 200 lbs was back in 1992. So, to quote the old song, “it’s been a long, long, time”!

In our Weight Watchers meetings this week, we were talking about the decisions and choices we make as far as ensuring that we are taking care of ourselves and our needs. This got me thinking about the choices I’ve made to get this far, and those I still need to make in order to reach my goal. Some of the decisions I’ve made that have led to my current 60+ pound loss (which, if you include what I lost in the 2 years prior to joining Weight Watchers, is actually more like an 80-90 pound total loss from my highest weight) are:

  • Limiting my portion sizes to single servings. For those of us who overeat because we like the taste of the food we eat, stopping after having one serving is not as easy as it sounds (at least not at first).
  • Ditching the Diet Pepsi in favor of water. Not that I don’t still occasionally drink Diet Pepsi – I just don’t drink it every day.
  • Buying healthier foods when food shopping, and no longer keeping certain trigger foods (like cheese) in the house.
  • Reading the Nutritional Information labels to check the POINTS values of items before buying them.
  • Cooking!!! I used to grab anything I could nuke in 5 minutes for dinner. Now, I not only cook (and yes, I mean really cook, using recipes with ingredients), but I cook and plan meals for the whole week ahead!
  • Getting out there and moving more, whether it’s going out for a 30-40 minute walk, like when I started back in December 2007, or getting my butt to the gym 3 times a week to get on the treadmill.
  • Attending my weekly Weight Watchers meetings. Okay, I really enjoy seeing my fellow Wednesday Night Irregulars every week, so this one’s pretty much a no-brainer.

There are, however, some areas where I could use a bit of work and/or change, in order to keep me on track to reach my goal:

  • I need to vary my workout. I’m currently in a bit of a rut, and need to add something new to my current gym routine to keep it from getting stale. In theory, this is easy – just try some different machines, etc. Actually doing it, and getting on a machine I’ve never used before, is not as easy.
  • More fruits and vegetables!!! I am so slacking in this area, it’s not funny! Granted, I’ve come a long way from when I started, but I definitely need improvement here.
  • Getting my healthy oils and vitamins in daily. Right now, it’s still a case of “whenever I remember to do it”. Besides, I’m still not thrilled about sacrificing 2 of my allotted POINTS each day to olive or canola oil.
  • Water, water, water! I’m really good at this when I’m at work. I’m not so good at this when I work from home, or on the weekends.

So, now that I’ve passed the halfway mark and then some, it’s time to pump it up another notch and focus on the items above. Any and all encouragement is greatly appreciated!



  1. Wow, congratulations on all that you’ve already accomplished! It sounds like you’ve made lots of great healthy changes as you’ve been dropping the weight.

    Comment by Liz — November 8, 2008 @ 4:26 pm

  2. You’re an inspiration! I’ve done this too many times. Your amount of loss is the kind that keeps you going. Good for you! And good luck at this week’s WI!


    Comment by Regan — November 12, 2008 @ 12:08 pm

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