Non-scale Victories & Other Weight Loss Miracles

August 30, 2008

Major Non-scale Victory Time

A major non-scale victory for me today!!!!!!!!!

I’ve had this one pair of Lee jeans that I have not been able to squeeze myself into for over ten years, probably closer to fifteen. I’ve been taking them out every so often to try, but at first, could never get them past my thighs. Even after that hurdle was cleared, I haven’t been able to close them – not even close!

Today, not only was I able to get them over my hips to squeeze into them, I even got them zipped!!! I am sitting at my desk wearing them right now! Of course, now all of the circulation to my legs is cut off, and I can’t move, but who cares???

When I finally get around to taking them off, I need to check and see what size they are. I can’t really move in them, otherwise I’d wear them to my Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday night. I don’t usually wear jeans for a weigh-in, but in this case, I would take the gain they’d cause gladly! Oh, and did I mention that they were fresh out of the dryer??? If I can get them to stretch out a bit so that I can actually wear them, I may very well wear them to work and to my Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday.

This is just WAY too cool for words!!!


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