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August 3, 2008

My Arm’s Still Not Working…

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Well, it’s been just about a month since my left forearm and three fingers of my left hand went numb. While I’ve made some progress (getting the feeling back in my middle finger, and figuring out what triggers the pain), I’m more or less at a standstill.

On the positive side, it hasn’t gotten any worse. It’s still confined to my left index finger and thumb. I’ve also gotten a lot better at working with it and around it. This is a good thing, seeing as I’m left-handed! It no longer takes me more than ten minutes to do my makeup in the morning, and I haven’t poked my eye out with my mascara wand in at least two weeks! I have yet to walk into work looking like Picasso painted my face. I can eat with chopsticks, and do even better with a knife and fork – the food actually makes it to my mouth, instead of ending up on the ceiling somewhere! (Just kidding – I never hit the ceiling. My cheek maybe, but never the ceiling!!!)

I’m also no longer dealing with constant pain from the muscle spasm. Now that I’ve figured out what triggers it, I’ve managed to work around it. The trigger seems to be looking down at things with my head bent forward. Something about that position starts all sorts of fun neck, back and shoulder pain. So, now I limit the amount of time I spend in that position, and it’s working fine. For anyone else dealing with similar pain in the neck, back, shoulder and arm – try to notice how you’re standing or sitting when the pain starts. I realized it when I had a pain-free day, and then started having pain after washing a sink full of dishes. Then I realized that my head and neck were in a similar position when I was at work. I changed the position and angle of my chair, and voila! No more pain!

What I would like to be able to do, and it may be something I have to check in with the neurologist about, is upper body exercises. At the time of my exam a little over 2 weeks ago, he had said no upper body workouts, jogging or anything high impact. But, that was 2 weeks ago. Now that I’ve joined the gym, I would like to be able to make full use of it. Oh well, life goes on, and at least the pain’s gone!


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  1. Hi Carol,

    Just came across your blog. Great stuff. Sounds like your arm pain has gone away. Yeah.

    If it comes back, let me know and I can teach you why that forwards position is causing your nerves to act in the way they do and how you can use that very position to improve the functioning of your nerves.

    And if you’re still into working out, have you tried Somatic Exercises?

    Here’s an audio link to what I teach:

    Move well,


    Comment by Gravitywerks — January 8, 2009 @ 9:27 pm

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