Non-scale Victories & Other Weight Loss Miracles

July 29, 2008

Look, Mom!!! No Chins!!!

Last night I was goofing around with my digital camera, and took a bunch of shots of me making faces at the camera. I uploaded them to my computer, and was looking through the full-sized version when I did a double-take. My face doesn’t look like me anymore – at least not the face that I’ve grown so used to seeing in pictures over the past several years. The face with the plump cheeks and two or three chins. My face actually looked thin in the pictures, and somewhere along the line, I got my cheekbones and neck back!

This is one of my “Before” pictures:

And here’s one of the pictures I took last night:

If you can (I know it’s hard), try to ignore my “She’s Got Marty Feldman Eyes” silly face. LOOK!!! I’ve got a neck, my left dimple is back and I’m down to ONE chin!!! And check out those cheekbones!

I’m so used to seeing my face when I put on makeup every morning that I never noticed just how much weight I’ve lost in my face alone. (Now, if I could get those kind of results with my butt and gut, I’d be in business!)

The pictures really brought home how far I’ve come. This is why taking pictures along the journey, especially if yours is a long journey like mine (I’m not even halfway there yet), is so important. They’re an objective, tangible measure of progress in black and white. Even if no one ever sees them but you, you’ll see progress when and where you least expect it. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see a thin face like this staring back at me from my computer last night!


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