Non-scale Victories & Other Weight Loss Miracles

July 9, 2008

Wow!!! It Worked!!!

Filed under: Weight Watchers — Carol @ 8:19 pm

I followed my plan from my post last week, and lost 4.8 lbs of the 5 lbs I gained from the medications!

Was I perfect? Nope, but I was very focused on making good food choices, following the 8 Good Health Guidelines and getting in my walks. Was it easy? Most of the time, yes, especially since I went food shopping over the weekend and stocked up on points-friendly foods that I like, and found a few new ones. (I’ll write more about those tomorrow.) Having plenty of healthy foods in your kitchen that you enjoy eating makes such a big difference! There’s so much you can do with a fully-stocked fridge, that you don’t get bored. (More about that tomorrow, too!)

There were times when it felt like work, though. Like on Saturday, when I went to the movies with my niece and my points-friendly popcorn, portioned out into 2 servings. But, we must be setting some sort of good example for my niece – she asked me not to give her her medium-size popcorn with extra butter until the movie actually started. So, I kept it on the seat next to me, and I didn’t dare touch it. I figured if a 10 year old can wait until the movie starts, so could I. It was hard, though, not reaching over into her popcorn once mine was gone!


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