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July 4, 2008

Dealing With Medication-Induced Weight Gain

As I mentioned in my previous post, I gained 5 lbs this week, thanks to the anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant that I’ve been on for my muscle spasm. I realize this is only temporary, and that once I’m no longer on the medication, I should lose the weight.

The “up” side is that it truly is due to the medication. The only other time I’ve gained 5 lbs in a week was when I’ve had several “food-related events” in a single week. That wasn’t the case at all this week. With the exception of one day, I stayed within my daily points allowance. I can also tell by the effects that the medication has had on various body parts, functions and processes. The fingers that I can feel have swelled a bit – a definite sign that I’m retaining water. I also feel like I am constantly physically hungry. The meds have irritated my stomach, and it feels like I have a hole in my stomach that constantly needs to be filled. I can eat a banana, and feel hungry 2 minutes later. Only it’s not real hunger that I’m feeling – it’s a very similar sensation caused by the medication. Knowing this, I also know that I really need to track what I’m eating and keep an eye on when I’ve eaten last. If I’m feeling hungry 5 minutes after I ate breakfast, then I know it’s the medication, and that eating isn’t going to solve anything or make me feel less hungry. If, however, I’m feeling hungry and I last ate 3 or 4 hours ago, I know it’s a pretty safe bet that I’m really and truly hungry, and that I really do need to eat something. I’ve also felt totally bloated for about a week now, and I’m not digesting food as quickly as I normally do. This too, shall pass.

So, my goal for this week is two-fold: a) to avoid any additional gain and b) to lose at least some of the gain from the last week. If I were to Storyboard this, my Winning Outcome would be:

Minimize and lose medication weight gain.

The steps I plan to take to achieve my Winning Outcome would be:

  • Up my water intake to at least 8-12 glasses a day
  • Eat a minimum of at least 3 fruits and vegetables a day
  • Cut back on sodium
  • Limit the amount of convenience/processed foods I eat this week
  • Get a minimum of 20 minutes of activity at least 5 days this week
  • Make the best possible food choices within my daily FLEX POINTS allowance
  • Follow all 8 Weight Watchers Good Health Guidelines

Think I can do this?

On another note, I’ve updated my online playlist of Music That Rocks My Walk, and added some new songs to it.


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