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June 15, 2008

I’ve Been a Cooking Fool Today

Which is highly unusual, since I don’t do much more than boil pasta and nuke stuff usually. But, I was starting to feel like I was getting into a food rut, and needed to do something different this week. So, I decided yesterday that today was going to be the day that I spent cooking everything I planned to eat all week. Well, almost everything, since a week-old salad probably wouldn’t taste too good.

So, since around 11 o’clock this morning, I have:

  • Cooked a pound of whole wheat pasta
  • Made up and cooked 4 teriyaki turkey burgers. This is a new recipe for me, which I found on the Weight Watchers web site. I made one or two slight changes to the recipe (mainly omitting scallions and egg whites, since I didn’t have either in the house), and if they taste anything like they smelled while cooking, they are going to be really good!
  • Cooked fish for the first time since joining Weight Watchers. A while back in one of my meetings, someone had mentioned discovering tilapia, and how much they liked it. So, when I was at the grocery store on Friday afternoon, I picked up 2 fillets for under $3.00. I figured worst-case, if I didn’t like it, I was only out three bucks. I made blackened tilapia in a pan on the stove, seasoned with Emeril’s Cajun Blast. I ate it for lunch today. I went a little heavy on the cajun, but the fish was delicious! Very moist, tender and no strong fishy taste to it. I would definitely make it again. It only takes about 2 minutes on each side in the pan, so it’s really easy and quick, and I could even do this  after work.
  • Searched the Weight Watchers web site for pasta sauce recipes, to see if there was something fairly easy that I could make up, just to have something different from my usual vodka sauce. I came across a recipe for a sesame ginger pasta salad, and basically just made the sauce part of the recipe. It was really easy and didn’t require any cooking. Just mixing together a bunch of stuff like sesame oil, rice vinegar, crushed red pepper, minced garlic, fresh grated ginger, and a teaspoon of sugar – all of which I actually had in my kitchen! (That alone is pretty impressive.)
  • Lastly, I made up three turkey wraps in slightly different variations. Each started with the same basic ingredients – a tomato basil flavored wrap, 5 slices of turkey breast, lettuce, tomato and a sprinkling of asiago cheese. (The cheese added a point, but the added flavor of asiago cheese is so worth it!) The variations were in the dressings I used. Two had mango chutney, and the other one had a combination of guacamole and salsa. What’s nice about these is that they’re very tasty and filling, but are really low in points.
  • Oh, I almost forgot, I made myself a low point smoothie with LaYogurt blueberry yogurt, frozen strawberries, and some frozen kiwi slices. I also washed a pint of blueberries and portioned them out into small zip lock storage bags.

I wonder how many activity points all of this is worth, because I am exhausted!  Now, if I really wanted to be ambitious, I would make up some tuna salad, plan out what I’m eating when, and get it all packed up and organized to take to work each day. I have a feeling that I’ll be lucky if I get ambitious enough to pack up tomorrow’s meals.

While I’m on the subject of cooking, I discovered two new food finds. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned them before, but I LOVE Birds Eye Steamfresh Singles Super Sweet Corn!!! I bought this two weeks ago because they were on sale, buy one get one free. The corn is delicious!!! I added less than a teaspoon of margarine and some salt and pepper to mine, and it tasted just like fresh corn on the cob. I’ m not kidding! It was that good! I also love the single serving bags! Definitely worth buying!

I found the other food find on Friday afternoon. It’s Tio Jorge Fully Cooked Yuca Fries. They’re frozen, and they microwave in about 2 minutes. Now, I had never had yuca before, and had absolutely no idea how this was going to taste. I was a little worried that I was going to hate it and want to spit it out, but it was good! The best way I can describe it is that it comes in pieces that look like really large steak fries, and it tastes like baked potato. I would definitely buy it again.


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  1. Wow! That’s great! Are the wraps going to keep well? I haven’t tried making wraps or even wraps ahead like that. I did a little cook ahead for planning too: brown rice and oatmeal. I thought I was doing good. You win 😉

    Comment by Jessica — June 15, 2008 @ 6:10 pm

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