Non-scale Victories & Other Weight Loss Miracles

June 5, 2008

I’m Dreading My Weigh-in This Morning

I don’t know why, though. I’ve stayed on plan this week, and drank lots of water. I even got back to walking after being sidelined with cracked heels for over a week. I had gained 1.8 lbs last week, but that was due to being in “bloatsville”, and totally understandable.

So, why am I dreading this morning’s weigh-in? I think it has to do with my screwy bathroom scale, and a dream I had where I gained two weeks in a row. I’ve never gained two weeks in a row! As for my bathroom scale, I’m pretty sure I’ve written about how screwy it can be. A few months back, I gained 5 lbs on that scale in as many minutes. Well, after several weeks of it being more or less accurate, it looks like it’s having another meltdown. Yesterday morning when I got on the scale, I had gained over 3 lbs. Later on in the morning, I had gained another 2 lbs. I weighed the same with my sneakers on, as I did with them off. Something is definitely screwy in Scalesville, but I’m still dreading weighing in this morning.

Oh well, wish me luck!


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