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April 20, 2008

One Winning Outcome Down…

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Since sometime around December, I’ve had my initial Winning Outcome and storyboard posted on my refrigerator door. The Winning Outcome was to be “Down 40 for Fearless” – in other words, to lose 40 lbs for the Omega Institute’s annual “Being Fearless” conference that I volunteer at every year (except last year, when I ended up in the hospital). My storyboard listed certain things I needed to do in order to get there. Things like drinking water every day, walking 5-10 miles a week, choosing the fat-free alternative, and moving more every day. On the whole, I did pretty well with them, and it paid off.

The conference was last weekend. While I was a few pounds shy of the original 40 lb goal, I was within 5 lbs of it, so I consider myself a huge success. I’ve lost just 31.4 lbs since joining Weight Watchers, plus another 5 lbs prior to joining, so I was really close. Keep in mind, also, that most of the people I saw at the conference hadn’t seen me in about 2 years, at which point I weighed about 15 lbs more than I did in October 2007 – I just wasn’t keeping track of the loss, as I wasn’t trying to lose back then. So, I’m actually closer to 50 lbs lighter than I was at the April 2006 conference.

And boy, did people notice! Some people didn’t recognize me at first, and others told me how fantastic I looked. I ate it all up and enjoyed every minute of it. I was assigned to James Van Praagh’s all-day workshop as a mic runner, and boy did I get a workout! I know last year I never would’ve been able to run from one end of a huge hotel ballroom to another the way I did. But I did, and it felt great!

Now, I have to figure out my next Winning Outcome. My 45th birthday is in July, so I could make it “25 by 45”, and aim for another 25 lbs down by mid-July. Not quite sure I want to do that, though. I’ll have to think about it.


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