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March 17, 2008

Nothing Tastes as Good as…

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Going to an annual St. Patrick’s Day dance, knowing that how great you look is going to be the main topic of conversation.

That’s what happened to me Saturday night. Every year, my local V.F.W. hosts a St. Patrick’s Day dance. It’s very well-attended, and there are some of us that go every year. There are some people that I only see once a year, at this dance. They have not seen me since I started Weight Watchers. The last time most of them saw me was when I was at the 280-290 lb mark, or higher. Most, if not all of them, have never even seen me this “skinny”. As of last Wednesday’s weigh-in, I’m now at the 245 lb mark – 25.8 of those pounds were lost since I joined Weight Watchers in November. The difference from last year is very noticeable, and I knew it.

I went out and treated myself to a much-needed haircut on Saturday afternoon, which made me feel even better about the me that I was about to present to “the world”. I remember standing in front of the mirror Saturday evening, looking at myself in my new, smaller pants and my green top from last year that was now loose on me, and thinking “damn, I look good!”, and I did. Apparently, so did everyone else at the dance that I knew.

I honestly lost track of how many people commented on my weight loss and how good I looked. It sounds conceited, but it’s true. There were over 120 people at this party, and I knew at least half of them. Most of them hadn’t seen me since the summer or before.

More importantly, I felt great. As soon as I got on the dance floor, I could feel the difference. For starters, I danced to a 6-minute long twist medley all the way through, without gasping for breath and having to go sit down in the middle of it. I didn’t feel like an elephant on the dance floor. All the walking I’ve been doing has paid off, because I could dance through several fast songs back-to-back without feeling like I needed a stretcher afterwards. My “inner dancer” was having a ball! All the while that I was on the dance floor, I knew that I was a big topic of conversation, and I was relishing every single second of it. My ego was getting stroked big time!

I looked great, I knew it, and I knew everyone else knew it. Very different from this time last year. It also served as a really positive reinforcement and motivation to continue on this journey. Every compliment I got helped show me that all of the work I’ve been doing these past few months is paying off. Nothing tastes that good… really.


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