Non-scale Victories & Other Weight Loss Miracles

March 15, 2008

Numbers and Other Signs of Progress

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Ive had a few measurable and non-measurable signs of progress this week, along with some more interesting realizations.

First, the numbers:

  • I’m down another 2.4 lbs at this week’s weigh-in, for a total of 25.8 lbs since joining Weight Watchers. I even get an award for it!
  • My blood pressure is a very healthy 111/72
  • My resting pulse is 66
  • My BMI is now 38.8
  • My average walk is now close to 2 miles. When I started, it was closer to 1 mile.
  • I am now down 2 Xs in tops and pants.
  • It’s been over 3 months since I’ve eaten an entire large bag of Doritos on the weekend. Ditto for frozen White Castle Cheeseburgers.

Some interesting observations and realizations:

  • I used to feel like the fattest person in the room wherever I went, even when I wasn’t. Now, I hardly even think about it, even though there are times when I may very well be the fattest person in the room. Instead, I feel excited about the progress I’m making, and all of the things I can now do with my body, like Tae Bo.
  • It’s been over 10 years since I’ve been under 250 lbs. There are people in my life now, who have never known or seen me this “thin”, including my niece and nephew. I have a whole social circle that has only known me huge.
  • Far from feeling deprived, I’m excited about the changes I’ve been making in my eating habits.

And then, of course, are the somewhat humorous signs of progress:

  • The elastic waistbands on pants that used to fit me now no longer “migrate” up above my navel. They now slide down to my hips.
  • Now that my butt’s smaller, I have more room for my knees in bus seats.

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