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March 5, 2008

Tae Bo Two Days in a Row

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I did it again – another 13 minutes of Tae Bo, for the second day in a row!

I normally don’t do my workouts in the morning before going to work. However I was awakened at the ungodly hour of 4:24 AM by the storm that was going on outside my bedroom window. The sound of windchimes chiming at 150 mph isn’t exactly conducive to sleep. So I was over an hour ahead of myself this morning, and had plenty of time for a workout.

I decided to do the Tae Bo again. I’m not sure why, especially since when I woke up, I felt like I’d gone all Ninja on my own ass, and lost. But, I did and it’s done. I actually managed to keep up with everything, too. It’s high intensity and worth about 3 activity points, too – not bad for a few minutes’ work!

Then, I got on my scale so I could brace myself for tonight’s weigh-in. Let me back up a bit and explain that my scale suffers from dementia. It’s about six or seven years old, and it used to be extremely accurate.  It just hasn’t been the same ever since that last battery change… I can get on it and weigh myself one minute, and then get on it again 5 minutes later, and gain 10 lbs. Like I said, it suffers from dementia. So, I’m not sure how seriously I should take the 1.5 lb gain that it shows since yesterday. First, I don’t see how I could gain 1.5 lbs in less than 24 hours, even with my old eating habits. Second, I drank at least 144 ounces of water yesterday (or more – I lost count after the sixth 24 ounce bottle), and probably made at least half that number of trips to the bathroom (okay, I’m exagerrating here, but you get my drift). Third, I just don’t see how I could’ve gained this week, considering how much water I’ve been drinking, and how I’ve been really watching my sodium and kicking up my workouts a notch to avoid the usual water retention gain.

The true test though, will be my official weigh-in at tonight’s meeting. Stay tuned.


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