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March 4, 2008

Holy Rusted Metal, Batman! I Tried Tae Bo!

I’m not sure what possessed me this morning, but for some reason, I decided to try a Tae Bo workout. Just the fact that I even considered doing a Tae Bo workout is huge progress! Six months ago, I’d have broken out in hives at the mere thought of Tae Bo. I definitely wouldn’t have even considered the possibility that I would ever or could ever even attempt doing it.

If you click here, you can see an example, although the workout pace in this video clip is much slower than the one I tried this morning. The one I did was a 14-minute “Tae Bo Fat Blaster” workout. Amazingly, I got through 13 out of 14 minutes. The only reason I stopped was because my right knee started acting up, and I didn’t want to push it.

I really liked it! It was intense, but fun. I had never seen a Billy Banks or Tae Bo workout video before, and I didn’t know what to expect. What I hadn’t expected was for it to be as much fun as it was. With this workout as my only experience, I’d have to say Billy Banks is a really motivating, fun and energizing trainer. I can see why his Tae Bo workouts are such a success. The moves in this particular video weren’t hard to follow, or overly difficult to do, but they’re intense and fast. The music is great, fast-paced and it keeps you moving. Based on this experience, I would definitely try other Tae Bo workouts.

The only thing I would advise is caution if you have knee problems. Some of the moves involve squat and lunge-type knee bends. If you have difficulty knee pain doing those, you may need to modify the moves a bit. I’ve had occasional problems with my right knee in this regard, and this past week it’s been acting up. That’s why I needed to stop when I did, but I still feel really good after doing the workout. I would totally recommend it!


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