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March 3, 2008

My Winning Outcome for This Week Is…

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Very simply put, my winning outcome for this week is not to gain. Last week I realized that, based on my calendar and my previous weigh-in history, I am probably going to be retaining water this week. Which means it’s highly likely that I’ll show a gain at this week’s meeting.

So, my goal this week has been to avoid doing the “Water Retention Watusi” (don’t ask me, I just made it up) as much as I possibly can. I’ve been drinking lots of water – more than 64 ounces a day. I’ve been trying to watch my salt intake, and eat more fruits and vegetables. I’ve cracked open the workout DVDs twice this weekend and got my butt seriously kicked by Leslie Sansone yesterday. (To the tune of 6 whole activity points, no less!) As of right this minute, I have logged 14.371 miles and 31,390 steps on my pedometer since last Tuesday night. I have tracked everything that crossed my lips. Oh yeah, I’ve also been keeping to my daily points allowance and have only used 3 of my 35 weekly points.

I’ve been so committed to not gaining this week that, when my sister and I went out for breakfast on Friday, not only did I divide my Western omelet and home fries in half on the plate – I actually only ate half, and didn’t take anything home. (Although honestly, not taking half a lukewarm Western omelet and cold, greasy home fries home with me wasn’t exactly a difficult thing to do.)

So, if I do gain this week, it won’t be for lack of effort and commitment on my part. If I don’t lose this week, I’ll be okay with it. I won’t be thrilled, but at least I’ll know why. I’ll also know that I’ve given this week my all, and that’s all I can really do.


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